When a resident of Wisconsin gets bitten by someone’s pet, they potentially face injury that can leave a heavy financial burden on their shoulders. Not only are there short-term damages to deal with, but severe bite attacks can leave lasting harm that can cost a victim a great deal of money.

In regard to bite treatment, Mayo Clinic encourages bite victims to immediately cleanse and bandage the wound, along with applying antibiotic cream or ointment. It is also highly suggested that the bite victim see a medical professional regardless of how severe they believe the damage to be. Even seemingly harmless bites carry the risk of infection, with particularly aggressive bacteria harming the body in less than 24 hours after the puncture wound is made.

This is just one reason why FindLaw suggests seeking compensation after an animal attack. Treating serious infections can cost the victim in long-term hospital care, antibiotics, painkillers, and missed time at work. Attacks resulting in heavy physical damage can also require extensive treatment and may even involve reconstructive surgery. Not only that, but a victim may be so emotionally scarred from the attack that they end up taking on costs for mental healthcare as well.

Due to the combination of costs that can be accrued over a long period of time, it can be crucial for victims of bite attacks to seek compensation. By removing that financial burden, it is easier to then focus solely on physical and mental recovery after what is undoubtedly a traumatic experience.