If you have lived in Wisconsin long, then you are probably no stranger to the type of treacherous weather conditions that can make for uncertain or unsafe to rain. However, winter snow and ice are not the only types of conditions that could contribute to you slipping or falling and sustaining major injuries.

Just as you know what is generally acceptable for creating a safe walking environment, business owners in Wisconsin should also be aware of these things. As mentioned on FindLaw, if businesses fail in their duties to maintain safe premises, you may be able to hold them responsible for the injuries their oversights cause. Please continue to read for a few examples of situations that could form the material basis for an injury claim.

As mentioned above, snow and ice are facts of life for a large part of the year in most of Wisconsin. Business owners and people responsible for property have an obligation to keep traffic areas clear of these hazards.

Debris and rubble on walkways may also be an issue after the snow and ice are gone. In fact, winter often causes damage to many different types of walkways and roadways. Those who allow these conditions to persist may be in breach of their duties to keep our state safe for everyone.

Indoors can sometimes be as dangerous as outside. For example, faulty machinery or bad maintenance practices could lead to slippery floors in a supermarket. These conditions, when paired with slippery tile flooring, could create an unsafe environment for shoppers.

These three examples are simply theoretical, but they may seem familiar to situations you have heard of in the past. Please do not think of this is legal advice, but simply as a general informative article.