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Can my marriage be saved?

Most married couples have to work to maintain a unified front. However, some marriages may be beyond saving, in which case divorce would become an option. While every couple is different, it's important to identify any issues that are considered deal breakers to a marriage. Very Well Mind explains some of the common situations where a marriage may not be able to be salvaged. 

There are quite a few issues that signal major issues in a relationship. For example, you and your partner must have similar goals and be willing to work towards those goals as a cohesive unit. If you feel that you and your spouse don't see eye to eye on things like finances, child rearing, or other issues, it can be difficult to stay together. This is especially true when one or both of you are unwilling to compromise. Compromise is the key to a successful marriage, and without it, you may find yourself constantly at odds. 

Lying is another serious issue. When your partner lies to you about one thing, it's not uncommon to wonder just what else he or she is being dishonest about. This greatly degrades the trust between you, and it can cause quite a bit of stress. This is especially true when infidelity is also an issue. Even if you choose to forgive past transgressions, you may find it hard to move forward after trust has been compromised. 

Lastly, when abuse is a factor in your marriage it can be very hard to bounce back. Even if the spouse responsible for the ill-treatment vows to get help, it can be hard to forgive past transgressions of such a serious nature. If you're experiencing abuse in your marriage, it may be best to contact a divorce attorney to discuss your options. Also, seek help from friends and family to ensure you have the emotional support you need. 

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