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How costly are spinal or brain injuries post-crash?

As a Wisconsin resident who has been involved in a crash, you understand that it's not just a traumatizing ordeal. It's an expensive one, too. Unfortunately, the initial costs of a crash may not be the only costs that you have to face, either. There can be hidden or long-term costs that many people don't consider.

FindLaw takes a look at some of the different types of injuries you could face after a car crash. Among them are head and spine injuries, which are some of the most common as well as the most severe. Damage to the spine and brain take a long time to recover and, depending on severity of the damage done, may never fully heal at all. While you may be focused on the shorter term costs like hospital stays and medications, these types of injuries can impact you for years to come.

Spinal damage that impacts your mobility can affect your ability to hold down a job, especially if your previous work required a lot of moving around or lifting heavy objects. In some cases, you may find it too painful to even sit at a desk. In others, the damage may be so severe that you have actually lost some mobility. Head or brain damage can have similar consequences, with personality changes, memory issues, and an inability to process information in the way you once could.

Unfortunately, when your ability to work is damaged, a huge long-term cost is the possibility of unemployment. You could be unable to continue working your current job. You may be unable to get a job in the future. Combined with medical costs, this can be extremely harmful. This is exactly why many people in your situation will often seek out the aid of an experienced attorney to learn more about their compensation options.

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