Most people do not go into a divorce or even come out of one feeling incredible happiness. That is why the idea of a divorce party may seem very odd to you. However, once you learn more about this type of party, it becomes easier to understand why they are becoming a bit more popular. You may also begin considering throwing your own divorce party in Wisconsin.

The name may make you think you will celebrate your divorce, which can be off putting, but it is kind of misleading. The reason most people throw a divorce party, according to Psychology Today, is to honor the marriage or to celebrate a new beginning. It really depends on your situation as to how you structure the party.

If your divorce was amicable, you may even throw the party jointly with your ex-spouse. This is a wonderful way to let your friends and family know that even though the marriage is over, you can co-exist without any issues. This is also very nice if you have children. It can reduce everyone else’s stress about how they will interact with you no that you are not a couple. It decreases awkwardness and soothes feelings, too.

If the divorce did not end well, you could use a divorce party as a way to put an end to that chapter of your life. It can make it easier for you to move on. It can show those around you that you are finished with that part of your life and ready to move forward. It helps you to get closure that can make you feel better. This information is for education and is not legal advice.