Nowhere in Wisconsin, and in fact nowhere in the United States, would it would be legal for you to look up another person’s driving record or license information. In fact, if you posed as another person online to look up this information, the affected party could potentially sue you in federal court for any damages your actions caused.

There are several exceptions to this rule. For example, you would probably be able to obtain the driving record of another party in a motor vehicle accident. However, you would have to follow proper procedure to avoid potential consequences.

You can find the vehicle and driver record information request form online via the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. You could ask for your own information or that of your child using this form with no additional authorization or justification. However, if you wanted anyone else’s record, you would have to indicate which provision of the federal driver’s privacy protection act applied to your request.

Completing this form incorrectly could potentially leave you open to civil suits from both private individuals and the Department of Justice. The DOJ might also pursue criminal charges. You may, therefore, want to seek advice before requesting information. This caution would be even more important if you wanted the record of anyone other than yourself or your minor children of whom you are a parent or legal guardian.

Driving records could potentially be an important support for an argument in a vehicle collision case. The history you uncover may either reveal a pattern of reckless behavior or confirm an assumption of safe driving. However, it would be important for you to obtain this information in the correct way so you did not expose yourself to any undue legal risk. Please do not think this is legal advice, is only meant to inform you.