As a Wisconsin father who has gotten a divorce or is otherwise no longer together with your spouse, you will likely still be financially involved with the family via child support payments. However, matters change if you discover you’re the victim of paternity fraud.

Paternity fraud is the deception of a man, usually by the mother of a child, to get him to think he is the father of said child when he is actually not. This is often done because child support payments are only enforceable on the father of the child. Therefore, if the child isn’t biologically related to you, you don’t have to pay child support. It should be noted that misattributed paternity can be done unintentionally as well, though.

The National Institutes of Health examine what you can do after discovering you have been the victim of paternity fraud, which often isn’t discovered unless you take a paternity test. After a test proves that you aren’t the father of the child, you have the option of seeking compensation for financial damages. Child support payments can be hefty and if you have made a lot of them already, that can be a large sum of lost money.

Not only can you pursue damages for the money you lost, but you can also seek compensation for the loss of the benefits of fatherhood. If this is the route you wish to take, you can consider speaking with an attorney for more information about how to handle your case moving forward.