If you are looking for employment in Wisconsin, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by being more aware of the conditions in which you may work. Work place accidents occur all the time due to unsafe work environments, so knowing the signs can help keep you away from a job that could be hazardous to your health or safety.

According to Infolific, some signs of an unsafe workplace are easy to spot while others may be something you will have to dig deeper to discover. They also depend on the type of job you will be doing. For example, not having direct supervisors on the floor could be bad in a factory but in an office, it may not be a huge safety concern.

More universal signs to watch for include how well kept the main work space is. If it is messy and unorganized, then that is a pretty good indicator that there may be other, more serious issues with safety. You should also look for standard warning posters or signs, such as “watch your step” or “danger: keep hands clear of machine.” If these basic warnings are not in place, it can signal safety is not a top priority.

Some signs that you may have to dig a little deeper to uncover include regularly occurring injuries, inadequate training and equipment that is in poor shape. You can often ask questions during an interview to uncover these safety issues.

Any warning signs you see in a potential workplace could make it apparent this job is not worth taking. This information is for education and is not legal advice.