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Avoid acting out on social media during a divorce

It can be tempting to go on rants on social media. Most people have done it at some point. However, during a divorce, going off about your ex on Facebook is probably not a good idea. The truth is what you say on social media may be used against you. These posts can be used as evidence during custody hearings or the divorce settlement.

Divorce Magazine tells a story of a man getting divorced that said he was unmarried with no children on a dating website. A friend saw his profile and told his soon-to-be-ex about it. The woman made a copy of his profile and gave it the attorneys and the custody evaluator in their case. The man ended up with limited visitation and no overnights with his two sons.

What you say online can hurt your case. Here are some social media behaviors to avoid during a divorce.

Do not speak negatively about your ex on social media

You should probably unfollow or unfriend your former partner on social media. This may keep you from getting upset about something he or she posted. Starting fights with your ex on social media reflects badly on you, and if you have children, your children may see these posts. This will likely upset them and could hurt you in a custody hearing.

Even if you are not friends with your former spouse on social media, you should not post negative things about him or her online. You probably still have friends or family members in common, and these negative words may get back to your ex.

Avoid letting your friends tag you in pictures

Your friends may tag in a photo out at a bar or restaurant. If the photo makes you look like you are out partying, this could hurt a custody case. In fact, it may be easier to not allow your friends to tag you in photos at all. That way you can be sure nothing appears online that you do not want to appear online.

Do not post pictures of yourself partying either

This should go without saying, but posting pictures of yourself drinking or engaging in unsafe behavior could reflect badly on you. Your former partner could use these images to show you are an unfit parent.

Never brag about spending money on social media

Spending money on a new car or an expensive rug for your home is not wise during a divorce. Since you are still married, these assets could be considered community property and will be subject to division. If write about spending money on these things, your ex could use this as evidence that you were lying about your income or financial resources. For anyone seeking support, this could be particularly detrimental.

Even if your ex is acting badly, it is best to keep your gripes off social media. If you feel like you must vent about it, call or text a close friend and get all your negative feelings out.

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