The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gives startling statistics about traumatic brain injury, which is sometimes catastrophic. Across the U.S., the CDC says, “TBI is a major cause of death and disability… [contributing] to about 30 percent of all injury deaths.” For Wisconsin residents wondering how this could impact your lives, read on.

Many of you are likely familiar with brain trauma in injured football players. The issue has received significant press coverage in recent years. Football players are not the only ones at risk, however.

Risk for traumatic brain injury

In fact, ordinary folks like you – doing ordinary stuff – can get up from a fall or get a bump to the head and walk away, thinking you are ok until you get a raging headache or crawl under the covers for a quick power nap only to wake up three hours later wondering why you are so groggy. 

Connection between motor vehicle accidents and traumatic brain injuries

You may note the CDC explains falls and head bumps are the two leading causes of TBI, but motor vehicle accidents consistently appear at number three. When analyzing the data, researchers considered the brain trauma that created a need for hospitalization and emergency room visits. They also looked at those that caused fatalities.

Adolescents at risk

“For adolescents and persons 15-44 years of age,” car accidents jumped from number three to the top spot in TBIs leading to hospitalization. 

It is easy to see how motor vehicle accidents can cause these types of catastrophic injuries. Although all brain trauma is not severe, the connection between it and car accidents is worth noting.

This information only serves to educate about motor vehicle accidents and catastrophic injuries. It does not offer legal advice.