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Don't make these 5 mistakes online if you want a peaceful divorce

Divorce is undoubtedly difficult, and many people would prefer to take steps to make it a little easier and more amicable. While these steps often involve opting for legal solutions like mediation, there are also non-legal ways to make divorce go a little more smoothly.

For instance, you might want to rethink the way you use social media during a divorce. Certain mistakes or decisions you make online could cause serious problems offline that jeopardize the chances of divorcing peacefully.

Below are some common social media mistakes that can destroy an amicable divorce.

  1. Using Facebook as an emotional outlet - Going online for support can feel cathartic, but ultimately, it can be unhelpful and counterproductive. Instead, consider reaching out to people in person, including family, your closest friends and possibly a therapist for more valuable support.
  2. Sharing information or pictures that contradict legal statements - Sharing images of a newly purchased boat, tweeting about a promotion or actively dating using dating apps can conflict with the things you say during mediation or in legal documents. This can lead to undesirable penalties and make it impossible to resolve issues outside of court.
  3. Engaging in unflattering or illegal conduct - Online conduct is often under the microscope during divorce. Evidence of bad behaviors could have serious consequences, not just for an amicable divorce but also for your parental rights and criminal record.
  4. Harassing your ex - Annoying, threatening or stalking an ex online can make him or her feel unsafe or so upset that it is no longer feasible to work together to resolve divorce-related issues.
  5. Assuming everything is private - Again, your behaviors and statements online can come under scrutiny during legal proceedings, even when you think you are saying something privately or anonymously. Understand that everything you share, like, do or say online could come back to haunt you during divorce.

Getting divorced can be challenging enough without the added issues that social media use can invite. This is why some people step away from it altogether during a divorce.

Whether you decide to do this or you resolve to be more mindful of how you use social media, avoiding these and other common mistakes can make it a little easier to minimize contention during this difficult time.

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