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April 2018 Archives

Do grandparents have visitation rights in Wisconsin?

As a grandparent, you may wonder if you have certain rights when it comes to seeing your grandchildren and being a part of their lives. While some states do not offer grandparents any rights, Wisconsin does. The Wisconsin Legislative Council explains the court has the right to extend visitation to grandparents if it feels it is what is best for the child. However, the court must also consider the opinions and requests of the parents.

OSHA's top four fatal construction hazards

Dangers lurk everywhere on any construction site, but some accidents are more likely to affect a worker than others. According to Safety and Health magazine, a publication of the National Safety Council, in 2016, just four hazards were responsible for over 63 percent of the fatal injuries on construction sites.

Don't make these 5 mistakes online if you want a peaceful divorce

Divorce is undoubtedly difficult, and many people would prefer to take steps to make it a little easier and more amicable. While these steps often involve opting for legal solutions like mediation, there are also non-legal ways to make divorce go a little more smoothly.

How do I stay safe while riding my bicycle on the road?

As a bike rider, you have just as much right to the Wisconsin road as a person driving an automobile. However, you are also at greater risk of injury if you get into an vehicular accident for the simple reason that are you more exposed than someone inside a car or a truck. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explores challenges bike riders face while riding on the road and suggests solutions to increase safety.

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