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Do property owners have to pay if I slip outside?

If you have lived in Wisconsin long, then you are probably no stranger to the type of treacherous weather conditions that can make for uncertain or unsafe to rain. However, winter snow and ice are not the only types of conditions that could contribute to you slipping or falling and sustaining major injuries.

Just as you know what is generally acceptable for creating a safe walking environment, business owners in Wisconsin should also be aware of these things. As mentioned on FindLaw, if businesses fail in their duties to maintain safe premises, you may be able to hold them responsible for the injuries their oversights cause. Please continue to read for a few examples of situations that could form the material basis for an injury claim.

Factors that make a safe nursing home

If the time has come to place a loved one in a nursing home for rehabilitation or permanent residence, do not skimp out on vetting the home. Not all Wisconsin nursing homes are safe, or at least, not all homes may be safe for your relative. A resident who is a poor match for a home might suffer physical injury, degradation in health, or even death. To prevent the worst from happening, be on the lookout for qualities that make a good nursing home.

AARP recommends that when you check out a nursing home, pay attention to anything that can constitute a hazard. Look for handrails where they should be placed, such as in shower rooms or bathrooms. Hallways should be kept clean so there are no trip hazards. Equipment should not be placed in areas where a senior could run into it and fall. Floors, particularly in shower rooms, should possess non-skidding surfaces.

Wisconsin boy killed in collision with school bus

school bus involved in a motor vehicle accident in Hortonville, Wisconsin, Thursday morning was empty of students at the time that a passenger car collided with it. Nevertheless, the accident resulted in the death of a 10-year-old boy who was a passenger in the car that struck the bus. Preliminary findings from an autopsy are not yet available, but authorities did pronounce the young boy dead at the scene. He had been sitting in the backseat of the car and was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the collision.

Weather and traffic conditions on Highway 15 may have contributed to the crash. The wet, slippery road may have prevented the driver of the passenger car from stopping for slowed traffic in the westbound lane. Instead, she hit the rear corner of a pickup truck when she swerved left, and the impact propelled her vehicle into the eastbound lane, where it collided head-on with a school bus. 

How is child custody determined?

Child custody can be one of the most contentious aspects of divorce, and parents who are preparing for divorce are often concerned about how child custody decisions will be made. However, the answer can depend on a family’s unique situation.

As often as possible, parents are encouraged to work together to make custody decisions. However, when that is not possible or not successful, a Wisconsin court may determine the most appropriate custody arrangement for the situation.

Can my marriage be saved?

Most married couples have to work to maintain a unified front. However, some marriages may be beyond saving, in which case divorce would become an option. While every couple is different, it's important to identify any issues that are considered deal breakers to a marriage. Very Well Mind explains some of the common situations where a marriage may not be able to be salvaged. 

There are quite a few issues that signal major issues in a relationship. For example, you and your partner must have similar goals and be willing to work towards those goals as a cohesive unit. If you feel that you and your spouse don't see eye to eye on things like finances, child rearing, or other issues, it can be difficult to stay together. This is especially true when one or both of you are unwilling to compromise. Compromise is the key to a successful marriage, and without it, you may find yourself constantly at odds. 

What types of injury damage claims are available?

The aftermath of a car accident in Wisconsin can be scary and confusing. You may be aware of your rights to file claims for medical expenses and/or vehicle damage, but you might not know what, if any, other forms of compensation are available to you.

Depending on the specific details of the case, the damages you are eligible to claim can vary, but the following may apply to your particular situation. 

When mental stress is compensable in Wisconsin

It is no secret that stress is one of America's greatest health concerns and that it is only getting worse. A growing body of evidence proves that stress does not just affect a person's mood but rather, can have a negative impact on one's overall physical and mental wellbeing. When left unchecked, stress can cause headaches, stomach upset, fatigue, chest pain and sleep disorders. It can also lead to reduced motivation, restlessness, anxiety, irritability and depression. Combined, both the physical and emotional symptoms may result in high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes or heart disease. For these reasons, states are beginning to view stress as a compensable workplace injury. Is Wisconsin one of them?

According to Wisconsin Law Review, courts are often hesitant to award workers' compensation for mental stress for five main reasons. First, mental injuries are subjective, as individuals react differently to similar mental stimuli. Because of this, judges are hesitant to evaluate mental harms. Second, because mental injuries are more difficult to evaluate, they are easier for persons to falsify. Third, diagnosis relies on self-reporting, a fact that may make it difficult for courts to gather the information necessary to make a reliable diagnosis. Fourth, courts find it difficult to establish a casual link between stress and the workplace, given many people experience stress in their personal lives as well. Finally, courts worry that the high cost of litigating mental claims will mean less funding for claims for physical harms.

How will you know you are ready to adopt?

The decision to adopt is not one any family makes overnight, and it takes months or even years after the seed has been planted for a couple to decide to move forward with the adoption process. If you and your family have made the decision to adopt a child in Wisconsin, your brain may worry you are not ready to even when your heart tells you that you are. American Adoptions provides a few indicators you are ready to reconcile the two. 

The first sign you are ready to adopt is both you and your spouse have moved on from infertility. If you are like many couples and have decided to adopt because you cannot have a child of your own, it is understandable that you need time to heal from the lack of success with fertility treatments. However, make sure both parties have properly grieved and moved on before pursuing adoption. 

How costly are spinal or brain injuries post-crash?

As a Wisconsin resident who has been involved in a crash, you understand that it's not just a traumatizing ordeal. It's an expensive one, too. Unfortunately, the initial costs of a crash may not be the only costs that you have to face, either. There can be hidden or long-term costs that many people don't consider.

FindLaw takes a look at some of the different types of injuries you could face after a car crash. Among them are head and spine injuries, which are some of the most common as well as the most severe. Damage to the spine and brain take a long time to recover and, depending on severity of the damage done, may never fully heal at all. While you may be focused on the shorter term costs like hospital stays and medications, these types of injuries can impact you for years to come.

Are drivers becoming safer and more responsible

If you are like most people in Wisconsin, you are very conscious about your safety and the safety of your passengers and other motorists when you drive. In seeing so many new safety features being added to new vehicles, you might believe that the emphasis on safety is something that is growing among all drivers. Unfortunately, there are still many people who refuse to give up their reckless ways. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 613 vehicular fatalities in Wisconsin in 2017. Of those, 190 occurred in crashes in which alcohol was a factor. That means that nearly 31 percent of all deaths in car accidents statewide that year were attributed to drunk driving. Speeding was associated with 180 of the fatalities which represents more than 29 percent of the total.

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