What Should I Do If I Get Hurt On The Job?

Your first actions after an on-the-job injury are important. At Hannula Halom & Scherz, we recommend you take the following steps to take to make sure you receive the treatment and compensation you need.

1. Contact your employer and report the injury or illness – even if you think it is minor and you will heal without medical treatment. That way there is a record that can be referred to if your injury worsens. Use a company form, if one is available. If not, write down the facts of your injury, along with the date and time and the name of the person you reported it to. If possible, keep a copy of your report.

2. Write down the names and addresses of all witnesses to the accident that caused your injury.

3. Get medical care, even if you think your injury is minor, and make sure the doctor has a complete description of the accident that caused your injury or the work activities or conditions you believe caused your work-related disability. Take care of your injury.

4. Make copies of all work restrictions that your doctor gives you. Keep a copy and give the original to your employer.

5. Keep track of all time off work, all mileage to and from doctors, physical therapists and any other health care professionals. Save all medical records given to you and all prescription bills and receipts. Save all letters from your employer and your employer's workers' compensation insurance company concerning your injury.

6. Do not sign any documents unless you fully understand the documents. If there is any doubt in your mind about what the documents mean, you should contact a workers' compensation lawyer.

7. Contact a workers' compensation lawyer if you have not received workers' compensation benefits or a notice that you will be receiving workers' compensation benefits within a reasonable time period,

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